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Windows Live Essentials 2011 is here.

This is my first post using the new Windows Live Writer 2011, that automatically defaults to WordPress blogging service.  It’s kind of nice, it reminds me of Microsoft Word.  It also automatically formatted my blog, I’m guessing from my Windows Live ID, and it was ready to go as soon as I opened the program.  Pretty sweet.

I had waited on Microsoft to finally update Spaces before I really dove into blogging again, and they kept me on the hook for over a year, promising me by email that they would upgrade it.  Instead, they gave up, chipped away at the Windows Live eco-system, and outsourced blogging to WordPress. 

Oh well, WordPress isn’t bad, but I’m not overly impressed.  I think Blogger might actually be a better choice.  Then there’s Tumblr, Posterous, and the new Virb.  I’m going to play around with the others, but for now, this is my blog.  If I switch, I’ll migrate this blog.

Whatever happens, I will be blogging more, now that I no longer have an obstacle.  I hope people read what I write, especially my friends.